Tuesday, 21 April 2015

I am getting stronger and stronger!

In the weekend I had boot camp with my family. We have boot camp with my uncle Joe and he is a personal trainer. We have to do a lot of exercises. It took place on the field outside ASB stadium.

First we had to go into four groups. There were three areas. One group ran 20 metres and back. Two groups ran 40 metres and back and the last group ran 60 metres metres and back. We had 30 seconds to run to the the blue cones and back as many times as we could. Then we swapped around. We were sweating like pigs. Everyone said, “OMG!” during the training. When we finally finished, we had to do the stations. The stations are activities that are set so our bodies will get stronger.

Each station had an exercise for us to do. We either had to lift something, do push ups or do tricep dips. Tricep dip is when you get a chair and put your hands on the end of the chair and you raise and lower you your body up and down using your arm muscles. We had to do all the stations twice before we could move on to the next exercise. We had to do shuttles at each of the stations. Shuttles are when you run to a line, return to starting line and continue to the lines back and forth until you reach the last line. Then we had to go up the hill and back down, it was hard like getting out of foam. We were crying out, “Why Joe why?” Then we went back to the stations and did a different routine.

This time we didn't have to lift anything. We had to go on our backs, touch our ankles and do more push ups. We were really tired and we were on the running out of battery. Everyone hung in there because we were all thinking about the barbecue that we were going to have after boot camp. The last thing that we needed to do was the stretching. Stretching felt really good but it hurt a lot. We were all sweating like we had been running for a week.

When we were finally finished, we went to our aunt's house for a barbecue. We had sausages, salads and garlic breads. We were in for a treat. When we finished eating, we played around and hopped in the spa. The spa was what we needed and it felt good because it relaxed the muscles that we had been using during boot camp. My cousin was throwing the ball like a bird because it was all over the place. We also played spotlight in the dark and that was pretty fun. When dinner was ready, we ate it slowly so we could savour the tastes. It tasted like the nectar collected from bees during Spring. We had a late night that night and we went to bed at 1.00 am. I had a very good sleep that night.

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